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High & Low Res files provided in a Dropbox link or via Wetransfer 
$400 + Tax
$500 + Tax
$25 per photograph up to 3 photos
Recommendations available upon request 
I am a film and TV director who approaches photography the same way I would approach a scene on set; focusing to help create and capture the most interesting and charming character within yourself.
Photography is capturing a moment in time, a moment that reflects someone's personality. Photography is also about capturing a moment in a scene, not just a freeze frame of someone's face, even if the scene is about a person seating down looking at the camera, not just starring at it.
I can help you get there, whether its to relax you or excite you to give the photograph a unique touch inspired by your personality or even the type of character you want to reflect.
I prefer photographing portraits and headshots in a person's home or nearby locations, in order to find unique backgrounds but we also have the option to do it at my studio.
My suggestion is to take a couple of different 'standard headshots' and a couple of 'life-style' or 'social media' photographs per session to maximize our collaboration. 
Each session will include my selection of favorite photos tweaked to enhance lighting and skin tones. Additional Photoshop re-touches can be made to order, working in tandem with my Photoshop expert Romy. 
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